Assessment & Treatment

Initial assessment usually takes place in school or at home.

Specialist assessment, observation and discussion with those involved in your child’s care will cover::

        fine and gross motor skills,

        skills for school and learning, e.g. handwriting and visual perception.

        sensory processing,

        self-care skills,

         independent living skills,

         use of special equipment.

Following the initial assessement you will receive a full report and the opportunity to discuss it. Various options are then available e.g.

A meeting with school staff and parents to discuss the report and recommendations.

 An individually tailored Occupational Therapy Programme for your child to be carried out at home or school.

 Arrangement for regular reviews/follow up of progress as required. 

 Regular therapy sessions in school or home. 

We do not believe that “one size fits all”. For example, some families opt for a block of weekly sessions, others for holiday sessions, or regular school based reviews.  Therapy is a partnership between all those involved.

The overall aim of therapy will be to make a positive change to your child’s life within family or school and to have some fun along the way!      

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